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REXA Linear Actuators

REXA Linear Actuators are ideal for control of globe valves, gate valves, turbine control or any valve application requiring stiff control and instantaneous response. The Electraulic™ Technology features a self-contained design that minimizes system oil volume, eliminates routine oil maintenance,reduces energy consumption, and provides precise, repeatable process control.



REXA Rotary Actuators

REXA Rotary Actuators are ideal for control of ball valve or butterfly valve applications requiring stiff control and instantaneous response. The self-contained Electraulic™ Technology minimizes system oil volume, eliminates routine oil maintenance, reduces energy consumption as well as precise and repeatable process control



REXA Damper Drives

The environmental demands for lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption have increased the control specification requirements for damper applications. REXA X2D-Series Damper Drives increase combustion efficiency and reduce operating costs by providing precise damper positioning. The exact precision of Electraulic™ Technology guarantees that the damper is controlled by the signal and not the process.



Flowserve Limitorque Actuators & Controls

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The Flowserve Limitorque L120 and  MX series cover Quarter Turn and Multi-turn electric actuator , combined with the HBC and PT worm gear operator are used in gate and globe applications as well as slide and sluice gates for its reliability and consistency.

Flowserve – Limitorque has been a global leader in the development and deployment of network products for electric valve actuators.  Network products include DDC-100 (Modbus), Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus DP-V1 and Profibus PA.


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Limitorque B320 Series Bevel Gear

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The Limitorque B320 bevel gear operator not only makes it easy to manually operate multi-turn valves — it also makes it easy to convert to motorized service. The B320 offers torque ranges up to 8,000 ft-lb (10,856 N m) and thrust capacities to 325,000 lbs (1445 kN), for any application demanding a bevel gear operator with superior strength and accuracy. It is most commonly used with sluice/slide gates, gate valves, and globe valves.



Limitorque PT Series Worm Gear

Limitorque’s PT Series worm gear operators are the first such devices designed specifically for motorized operation. When combined with Limitorque’s unexcelled electric actuators (such as the MX, L120 & SMB), the PT provides the user with a dependable, efficient & economical solution for quarter-turn applications. Available in output torques to 100,000 foot pounds (135,591 N m) and in a wide range of operational speeds, the PT is the competitive worm gear operator developed by Limitorque to deliver extraordinary valve control.



Trisome Trugear

Trisome produced  various type of Worm gearbox, Bevel Gearbox, Manual override, Manual valve position supervisory and manual valve quarter spring return actuator

Trisome has  own Innovative Products catering for the Valves automation.


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Limitorque Fluid Power Systems


Built upon a modular scotch yoke torque system, Limitorque fluid power actuators are designed to deliver maximum torque with the lowest possible displacement and overall size. The use of high-strength, wear-resistant materials ensures the actuators operate efficiently and reliably in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications.

Robust construction maximizes allowable working pressures to the requirements of the oil and gas industry while extending temperature limits to increase application range.



TruTorq Actuators

TruTorq actuators are compact Double Acting (DA) and Spring Return (SR) pneumatic actuators which are based on a double rack and pinion and Scotch Yoke  design.

On & Off-site Calibration

In order to determine the instrument is in calibration, we will perform calibration procedure and adjustment to bring the instrument into operation mode.



Sunrui BalClor Ballast Water Management Systems

The treating process of BalClorTM BWMS is mainly consisted of the following three procedures:

Filtration —The ballast water is filtrated by an automatic backwashing filter with 50µm screen to remove marine organisms larger than 50µm.

Disinfection — A small side stream of the filtered ballast water is delivered to the electrolytic unit to generate the oxidants of high concentration (mainly sodium hypochlorite solution), then the oxidants are injected back into the main ballast stream to provide effective disinfection.

Sodium hypochlorite solution as a very effective germicide can be kept in ballast water for a certain period to effectively kill the plankton, spores, larvae and pathogens contained in the ballast water to meet D-2 standard.

Neutralization — The residual TRO level of the treated ballast water below 0.1ppm, then the treated ballast water can be directly discharged. If the residual TRO level of the treated ballast water over 0.1ppm, neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate solution) is added into the de-ballast pipe to neutralize residual oxidants instantly automatically.