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E/ONE Portable Gas Analyzer



Environment One’s standard Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) can also be supplied in a portable configuration. The PGA incorporates the same hydrogen gas sensor/analyzer and system electronics found in our other hydrogen gas purity systems. The PGA is specifically intended for use in non-hazardous environments and/or as an emergency back-up in the event a power plant’s primary purity monitoring system is compromised.



E/ONE Generator Gas Dryer (GGD II)

eone generator gas dryer


Water, oil, and other contaminants cause corrosion in critical areas of electric power generators, resulting in diminished efficiency and increasing the likelihood of forced outages. Increased dew point levels also detract from generator efficiency by increasing windage losses. E/One’s Generator Gas Dryer (GGD II) is a dual-chamber system that continuously dries and recirculates generator cooling gas — even when the generator is on turning gear, which is a critical time to maintain low dew point.

Column regeneration is automated and takes place based on programmable inlet and outlet dew point levels. The GGD II has a secondary, programmable time-based regeneration feature, allowing you to set maximum times between regeneration (from 10 to 30 days).



E/ONE Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) System



E/One’s focus on hydrogen-cooled generator gas monitoring and control systems begins at the point where cooling and purge gases enter the generator. The Generator Gas Manifold (GGM) system is one of a range of standard or custom designed products.

From the point where hydrogen gas is received from the plant’s bulk supply or bottle manifold, E/One’s compact GGM monitors critical H2 and CO2 supply pressures, and regulates the hydrogen supply to the appropriate machine gas pressure. Manual isolation valves, arranged for easy end-user access, allow operators to control all facets of the purge process from a single location. A safety spool is also an integral feature of the GGM and assures that dangerous mixtures of H2 and Air are avoided.



E/ONE Hydrogen Control Cabinet: HCC II

Image result for Hydrogen Control Cabinet: HCC II


E/One’s Hydrogen Control Cabinet (HCC) was designed specifically for monitoring and controlling hydrogen purity in GE generators that utilize scavenging seal oil systems. The HCC contains two independent analyzers that monitor hydrogen purity from both the turbine-end seal drain enlargement and the collector-end seal drain enlargement.

Designed to be used in a hazardous location, the HCC has the ability to automatically increase the amount of hydrogen gas bled from the generator. It’s also an easy replacement for your old hydrogen control cabinet. Featuring digital displays, warnings and alarms, the HCC works with all GE and non-GE control systems.



BFI Automation – Flame Scanner 2.0

Flammenfühler 2.0, Flame scanner 2.0



The flame scanner 2.0 is based on the spectral the UV-VIS and IR flame radiation analysis. Both spectral regions by a dual detector recorded separately and selectively with an automatic Vorverstärkerregelung and integrated frequency control evaluated.



BFI Automation – Compact Flame Controller CFC3000



The compact flame controller CFC 3000 is intended for the monitoring of flames. The application areas of the compact flame detector flame detections are selective and continuous burner monitoring in large steam generators, single and multi burner installations. As selection criteria may be used in addition to the amplitude of the flame signal and the frequency of the flame signal. All data can be read out via the RS232 output to the converter 5012 in the control room.


Flowserve Limitorque Actuators & Controls

Image result for l120 limitorque

The Flowserve Limitorque L120 and  MX series cover Quarter Turn and Multi-turn electric actuator , combined with the HBC and PT worm gear operator are used in gate and globe applications as well as slide and sluice gates for its reliability and consistency.

Flowserve – Limitorque has been a global leader in the development and deployment of network products for electric valve actuators.  Network products include DDC-100 (Modbus), Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus DP-V1 and Profibus PA.


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CEMTEKS – Cemtek Continuos Emission Monitoring Systems

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Cemtek Environmental is one of the largest and most experienced CEMS companies in the market. Your first choice for compliance and non-compliance emissions monitoring systems – Cemtek is the leading supplier to the power, refinery, industrial, turbine, petro chem, steel, chemical, process emissions, manufacturing and small boiler market.

  • One Stop Emissions Monitoring Solutions
  • Compliance CEMS
  • SCR Inlet and Outlet NOX
  • SO2, CO2, CO, O2, NH3, HCl Emissions and Process Monitors
  • All Emissions Monitoring Systems and Gas Analyzers



ENOTEC – COMTEC® O2 / COe Analyzers

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COMTEC 6000 is the world’s first in-situ analyzer for measurement of oxygen and combustible in flue and process gases for optimal combustion control.

The COMTEC® 6000 is an in-situ analyzer for measurement of oxygen and COe (sum of unburned molecules – CO, H2, CxHy) in flue and process gases. This enables the redundant measurement in real time for combustion fine tuning . This is achieved by combining the MXP sensor for COe analysis with the technology of MLT sensor which measures oxygen content.

Both sensors are located within the process at the tip of the probe installed directly in the flue gas duct. This allows for fast and continuous flue gas data measurement, enabling fast response rates to changes in the flue gas composition.

The analyzer was designed with low maintenance in mind, with minimal calibration requirements and user-friendliness. Furthermore high costs for investment and maintenance, especially when comparing to extractive analyzers, can be avoided.



ENOTEC – OXITEC® O2 Analyzers


Oxygen analyzers for exact, quick and durable combustion control. Confidence in measurement technology can only be created if the oxygen analysis in the combustion process is precise, the measurement is fast and the analyzer construction is robust. The OXITEC 5000 Oxygen analyzer, manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC, completely meets these requirements.

The heart of the system is the gas sensor from the ENSITU family of sensors which is lies within the probe.The in-house development and manufacturing of the sensors guarantees the highest quality and allows for permanent use in harsh process conditions such as high dust load and aggressive or corrosive flue gas compositions. A strength of the ENSITU sensors is their durability in process-induced vibrations, giving them an average life span of over 7 years.