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Chentronics – iScan2 Scanner

Innovative digital signal processing technology can discriminate the target burner flame from background flames or hot refractory surfaces.

  • Compact, light-weight, “all-in-one” design
  • Proven with gas, light oils, heavy oils, biomass and coal
  • Simultaneous UV and IR radiation spectra detection capability
  • Senses and amplifies small flame signals (low noise floor + superior gain)
  • RS-485 remote communications interface
  • The iScan2 scanner easily replaces existing scanners and interfaces with existing control systems



BFI Automation – Compact Flame Controller CFCX000 in Wide OE-Converter Housing

CFC x000, breites Gehäuse



This device group provides the function flame sensor with integrated amplifier, flame relay and various optional extensions. For example: an integrated RS485 converter, a multi-output module or a fault relay output card.



BFI Automation – Compact Flame Controller CFC3000



The compact flame controller CFC 3000 is intended for the monitoring of flames. The application areas of the compact flame detector flame detections are selective and continuous burner monitoring in large steam generators, single and multi burner installations. As selection criteria may be used in addition to the amplitude of the flame signal and the frequency of the flame signal. All data can be read out via the RS232 output to the converter 5012 in the control room.


BFI Automation – Flame Scanner 2.0

Flammenfühler 2.0, Flame scanner 2.0



The flame scanner 2.0 is based on the spectral the UV-VIS and IR flame radiation analysis. Both spectral regions by a dual detector recorded separately and selectively with an automatic Vorverstärkerregelung and integrated frequency control evaluated.



Basscam – Hazardous Location CCTV


BassCam™ AE Series Corrosive Area O-Ring sealed Cameras deliver exceptional real time CCTV viewing of industrial areas with corrosive gasses, excessive moisture, high dust content, excessive shock/vibration, and high temperatures. Reduce camera maintenance expense and difficulties by using BassCam AE cameras


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Basscam – High Temperature Furnace Camera



Industrial Process High Temperature Cameras allow viewing flames up to 4000F/2000C in Furnaces, Boilers, Rotary Kilns, Incinerators and Thermal Oxidizers.  in Paper Mills, Power Plants, Steel Mills, other primary metals processors, Chemical Plants and refineries, etc.



Levelstate – Direct Water Level Gauge


Levelstate Colour Port Type Direct Water Level Gauges (DWLG) provide a direct reading of the water level and are suitable for medium & high pressure steam/water applications. Levelstate gauges are reliable and maintenance free thereby minimising operating costs for the user.


Colour port type direct water level gauges operate on the principle of the differences in refractive index of different mediums (steam and water) for indication of the water level. The gauge consists of a vertically oriented metal body with a frosted glass to the front and the rear. The front and rear body surfaces are in non-parallel vertical planes. Behind the gauge body are light sources – red and green. When light passes through the port (submerged in water), it gets refracted at an angle of approximately 10 deg. A Green indication is observed in the illuminator viewing panel. A Red indication is observed when there is no water in the port.



Levelstate – Electronic Drum Level Indicator


Electronic Drum Level Indicators – A range of electronic units designed for monitoring steam and water levels inside a boiler drum or feedwater tank. Features include upto 48 probe channels, single or dual power supplies, alarm and trip relay output.



Levelstate – Electronic Level Switch


A range of electronic units designed to replace mechanical float switches. Features include: single or dual power supplies, probe validation, conductivity settings, 1 to 4 independent channels, local display, relay output per channel.


The 300MP electronic level switch is a multi point replacement for 1 to 4 mechanical float level switch.

1,2, 3 or 4 independent probe channels in one electronic enclosure means the installed cost per detection point can be appreciably lower than traditional float level switches. The system incorporates a probe fault circuit that can distinguish whether probes are in a healthy state. The process fault circuit indicates a change in the normal operating state of each probe (e.g. from steam to water). The Probe Insert Assembly is welded into pipework or vessels at the selected detection points. This provides internal shrouding of the probe for defined water conductivities and a robust housing for external protection of the probe. Multiple Probe Pipework Assemblies can be supplied to suit particular applications.  The system is a micro-processor based system that uses a handheld programmer for setup and adjustment.



Fox Thermal Instruments Flow Meters


Fox Thermal Instruments strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers.  All Fox meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models.  Fox models FT3 and FT2 are mass flow meters and temperature transmitters providing isolated 4 to 20mA and pulse output for flow rate, and a 4 to 20mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.