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PROMECON Air Flow and Mass Flowmeters

PROMECON crosses new frontiers in the creation of accurate and reliable digital measurement systems for process data collection to facilitate plant optimisation.

  • Digital online flow measurement for gas and solid mass flows in regards to temperature, flow dynamics or multiphase flow.
  • Accurate digital measurement devices, which measure, collect and transmit process data, the raw material for enhanced process control of thermal and industrial processes.



Fox Thermal Mass Flowmeter


Fox Thermal Instruments strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers.  All Fox meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models.  Fox models FT3 and FT2 are mass flow meters and temperature transmitters providing isolated 4 to 20mA and pulse output for flow rate, and a 4 to 20mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.